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Five Points Of Dyeing Machine Installation

Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2018-12-1

The correct installation method of dyeing machine ensures the use effect and service life of dyeing machine. Many dyeing and finishing machine manufacturers can also provide installation-related help for consumers. Factory staff share five key points of dyeing machine installation.

(1) The dyeing machine needs to be installed on the platform and fixed with special bolts to ensure smooth dyeing.

(2) The stability of dyeing machine power supply must be guaranteed, so the wires of dyeing machine should be put into the special electric box to stabilize and select the appropriate power supply.

(3) A reliable sewage outlet is needed to avoid the danger of electric shock.

(4) Choosing the appropriate installation location not only meets the requirements of combustion process, but also leaves enough space for later maintenance. After the location is selected, the level detection is carried out on the spot. If the level is not enough, the level should be carried out after installation.

(5) After the installation, check whether the installation is correct.

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