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Overflow Dyeing Machine Introduction

Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2019-1-19

Overflow dyeing machine is in absorbs the domestic and foreign similar equipment’s performances ,redesign to suitable for today's market challenges of dyeing equipment, carefully designed liquor circulation system and variable load of the cloth storage groove, can make all kinds of thick and thin cloth in very low bath ratio obtained satisfactory dyeing effect. With advantages of low cost,good dyeing quality and high yield.


When dyeing with an overflow dyeing machine, the dye solution is withdrawn from the bottom of the perforated plate at the front end of the dyeing tank by a centrifugal pump。 The dye liquor is then sent to a heat exchanger for heating and then from the top to the overflow tank。 Two overflow pipe inlets are installed in parallel in the overflow tank。

 锟戒宝锟斤拷 (3).jpg

Due to the difference between the upper and lower liquid levels between the dyeing tank, when the dyeing liquid fills the overflow tank, the dyeing liquid overflows into the overflow pipe to drive the fabric into the dyeing tank together. This reciprocating cycle achieves the purpose of dyeing. The overflow dyeing machine uses the overflow principle to make the fabric slack throughout the dyeing process. Effectively eliminates the rickets caused by wrinkles in the fabric. 


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