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Operation attention point of dyeing machine

Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2019-1-26

1.Chemicals: Dyes must be thoroughly stirred and dissolved in chemical tanks before entering the cylinder of dyeing machine. Otherwise, the fabric surface may produce color stains.

2。Temperature: Thermal insulation operation must be covered to keep the liquid temperature in the liquid and the liquid under the liquid even。

3。 Temperature rise: When the steam is warmed up, the cloth roll should not be run, otherwise the temperature difference will be caused before and after the temperature difference。

4。 Head and tail: Before running, ensure that the temperature of the cloth roll is not much different from the temperature under the liquid。 In winter, it is necessary to prevent the roll of the roll from being too cold, so that the cloth layer of the contact roll is cooled, and the roll can be poured several times with the hot dye solution。 Let it raise the temperature。

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